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We, at Modern School, strongly believe that ‘A teacher takes a HAND, opens a MIND and touches a HEART’. An educational institution is known by the strong faculty it possesses. We are proud to have able faculties who plays a decisive role in a child’s education and works like a guiding force. The faculty of Modern School are highly qualified, full time teachers, who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.

Every staff member is a person with strong moral values and ethos, which is an inspiration to the student community. These teachers not only impart instruction through the regular teaching periods but are also engaged in so many other activities like morning assembly, organising cultural activities, sports and games, escorting the students in various visits etc. They work as life coach of students, empowering them with essential character building attributes.

Special training programmes and workshops are organized to update the skills of our teachers so that they can keep pace with rapidly changing needs of the contemporary educational system.

The capable faculty of ours are aware of the fact that from the small seeds GROW MIGHTY TREES.

List of Teachers 2018-19

S. No. Teacher's Name Designation
1 Mrs. Girija devi PGT-MATHS
2 Mr. Yashpal singh PGT-CHEMISTRY
3 Mrs. Deepika dawada PGT-ACCOUNTS
4 Mrs. Priyanka luhana PGT- BUSINESS STUDIES
5 Mrs. Jaya garg PGT-BIOLOGY
6 Mrs. Neeta jain PGT-BIOLOGY
7 Dr alpa sariya PGT-ECONOMICS
8 Mrs. Saroj patel PGT-ENGLISH
9 Mrs. Manisha shah PGT-ENGLISH
10 Ms. Yashwanta rao PGT-PHYSICS
11 Mr. Ayush sharma PGT-PHYSICS
12 Mrs. Nikita pahad TGT ENGLISH
13 Mrs. Arti soni TGT MATHS
14 Mr. Dharmesh vyas TGT MATHS
15 Mr. Suneeti choudhary TGT S.ST
16 Mr. Iftekhar hussain qureshi TGT -URDU
17 Mr. Kamlesh bhatt TGT-COMPUTER
18 Mrs. Roshni pandya TGT-ENGLISH
19 Mr. Ketan trivedi TGT-ENGLISH
20 Mr. Dinesh yadav TGT-ENGLISH
21 Mrs. Bharati avtani TGT-ENGLISH
22 Mrs. Kashmira pandya TGT-HNDI
23 Mrs. Neeti pandya TGT-HNDI
24 Mrs. Trapti choubisa TGT-HNDI
25 Mr. Martand ameta TGT-HNDI
26 Mr. Prashant pandya TGT-HNDI
27 Mr. Manshanker sompura TGT-MATHS
28 Mrs. Remya ashish TGT-MATHS
29 Ms. Sheenu farookhi TGT-SCI
30 Mr. Jayant bhatt TGT-SO SCI
31 Mrs. Roymol jose TGT-SO SCI
32 Mrs. Bincy biffin PRT
33 Mrs. Kavita bhavsar PRT
34 Mrs. Mercy jacob PRT
35 Mrs. Seema farooki PRT
36 Mrs. Jayana bhatt PRT
37 Mrs. Purnima shah PRT
38 Mrs. Jigeesha pandya PRT
39 Mrs. Dhara shah PRT
40 Mrs. Snehalata sharma PRT
41 Mrs. Sangeeta joshi PRT
42 Ms. Sangeeta sen PRT
43 Mrs. Sarika joshi PRT
44 Mr. Harish yadav PRT
45 Mrs. Durga vaishnav PRT
46 Ms. Tejal bhawsar PRT
47 Mrs. Arti trivedi PRT
48 Mrs. Hema choubisa PRT
49 Mrs. Premlata sad PRT
50 Mrs. Nisha pandya PRT
51 Mrs. Pratibha singh PRT
52 Mrs. Jincy roy PRT
53 Mr. Prashant rawal PRT
54 Mrs. Rupal vyas PRT
55 Mrs. Rachita talati PRT
56 Mrs. Veena jain PRE-PRIMARY
58 Mrs. Leena gamot PRE-PRIMARY
59 Mrs. Renu jain PRE-PRIMARY
60 Mrs. Rakesh choubisa PRE-PRIMARY
61 Ms. Ritu sharma PRE-PRIMARY
62 Mrs. Varsha vyas PRE-PRIMARY
63 Mrs. Hema pandya PRE-PRIMARY
64 Mrs. Prakashwati meena PRE-PRIMARY
65 Mrs. Nirma uphadhaya PRE-PRIMARY
66 Mrs. Khusbhu suthar PRE-PRIMARY
67 Mrs. Nidhi sharma PRE-PRIMARY
68 Ms. Heena gotalkar PRE-PRIMARY
69 Mrs. Vijaylaxmi trivedi PRE-PRIMARY
70 Mrs. Nupur shrimal PRE-PRIMARY
71 Mrs. Tanuja gaur PRE-PRIMARY
72 Mr. Saji kumar r pillai LIBRARIAN
73 Mr. Shaitan singh rathor P.E.T