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Extracurricular activities are opportunities to engage in extensions of academic activities or non academic activities. It is essential for the total development of the students. Modern School offers an array of extracurricular activities for all age groups. The activities are designed to ensure cent percent participation of the enrolled students. A brief description of all the major activities are listed below.

Sports and games

Apart from the regular Games and sports activities, every year a whole week is set apart for inter-house sports and games competitions.

House System

The School has a well developed house system that provides a platform for the holistic development of students. It inculcates in the students the spirit of unity, team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competition. Currently there are six houses тед, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Orange. Each house has a captain, a vice captain and a secretary. To foster a spirit of self-reliance and responsibility, the point system has been introduced for all curricular and co-curricular activities of the School. Students are assigned to a House at the beginning of the academic year.


Clubs are formed keeping in mind the divergent interests of the student community. Various clubs are formed in the school. Students are given an option to be a member of the Club of their own choice. Participation in club activities helps the student to foster their creativity. By providing them the opportunity to gather, analyse and present information on various themes within a particular club, the subject specific knowledge gets enriched.

School Parliament

The School Parliament provides a first hand exposure to the students concerning the functioning of democracy. The school has adopted a two party system. From each section two class representatives are selected based on their academic performance. Such representatives become the core members of the parties. These members nominate their candidates for the respective posts. They have to contest the election to be ultimately selected for a particular post. There are regular parliament meets where the elected representatives get the space to raise their concerns.

Tours and Picnics

Tours and Picnics are arranged from time to time. Students are taken to various places which are having historical importance, natural beauty etc. Village tours are a permanent feature where students are exposed to the realities of village life.


School has been actively involved in Scouting. Scouts participate in various camps conducted at the district and state level. Active participation in social activities is a prominent feature of our scouts. Along with the Eco-Club students, scouts regularly participate in tree plantation programme conducted every year.

Seminars and Exhibitions

To keep our students up to date with the latest developments, various seminars are arranged from time to time. Research persons are invited from prestigious institutions to give presentations on various themes. Also Science, Arts exhibitions are arranged from time to time, to give space to the students to display the products of their creativity.

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