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Life is a JOURNEY. We pass through different stages. We can't be at one level always. It's just like a river which is always on the move. We can neither stop it nor go backwards. It has to go on. Every stage has its own shades which gives a new stroke to our life. We always wish to cherish some and others we wish to erase from our memory. How hard we try, we can not stay at a particular stage. The ongoing shift from one stage to another provides life the necessary momentum.

Friends, you too became a part of Modern School Family some time in the past, in the course of your JOURNEY. We always cherish the memories of the hundreds of students & also their parents who displayed trust in us by giving us the opportunity to shape them.

Our desire and wish is that OUR students should always TRUST IN GOD and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the GLOBAL SCENARIO, by their CHARACTER. They should love their neighbour as themselves. Our dream is that our students should always stick on to the fact that, "We are existing in the world with a cause, and that cause is to serve others by displaying a life which radiates Godly love, compassion and service." Our students should display high level of integrity in the task which is entrusted upon them. We expect that, what we taught here should always motivate you to respect the culture, and the heritage of our motherland INDIA . Be involved in the Process of taking INDIA TO GREATER HEIGHTS.

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