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School is the very first intrinsic community, outside the Parental niche, to which a child is being introduced deliberately by the parents at an age of three. It is in this community that child spend the next fifteen years. Hence it becomes the primary responsibility of the school to help the child to nurture and grow to its full potential during these formative years. The curriculum and the evaluation systems are chosen and designed keeping this objective in view.


School is affiliated to C.B.S.E. with Classes Nursery to XII with Science and Commerce Stream. The curriculum has been evolved to achieve a balance between the academics & the development of the body & mind. Children at the school learn a subject through a combination of techniques- finely tuned to correspond to the stages in the development process of different age groups. The school follows the C.B.S.E. syllabus. Opportunities & training are provided to participate in the prestigious competitive exams such as National talent search exam, National Maths, Science &Cyber Olympiads & others. Talks, seminars & workshops are regularly conducted for the students & teachers to strengthen teaching & learning strategies.

Moral Values are inculcated as a part of the curriculum through Value Education. Students are taught the good values of life and are encouraged regularly so as to develop them into a committed, self-disciplined and well-mannered individual

Method of Evaluation

Under the continuous & comprehensive evaluation, the entire academic session is divided in two terms i.e. first term- April to September & second term-October to march. The students are evaluated both in scholastic as well as in co-scholastic areas. In scholastic domain apart from the paper-pen test, conducted at the term end, students are assessed through various formative assessments like quiz, debate, projects, presentations, dramatics etc. All these tools help the students to develop their potential to the fullest. Through various observation records, anecdotal records etc., the co-scholastic domain such as life skills, attitudes & values etc. of a student are assessed. Grades are given to the students instead of marks in the achievement cards to lessen the cut throat competition.

Teaching Methods

The teaching methods have been developed by viewing the child in the centre of the entire process. The traditional class room teaching pattern of Teacher alone at the top, is replaced by a pattern where Teacher is projected as a resource person who along with the students gets engaged in a combined search for the true knowledge. The method of Group discussion and teaching by demonstration and participation makes the class live and puts every student into action. The whole focus is to develop an inquisitiveness in the heart of the child which will in turn make him/her more creative and critical in his/her outlook.

The attempt is to mould the student in such a way that by the time the child leaves the school, child should achieve the confidence level where they are bold enough to make a right choice independently in the world where they have to face a plurality of choices.

Well equipped laboratories ensure learning by experimentation. Students are encouraged to undertake projects, models and charts as each lesson concludes. The school has Audio Visual Rooms and a rich collection of educational CD's to make the system more penetrating. Dedicated Computers with Internet facilities are made available to help the students in the data gathering process.


  • The Academic year begins in April and ends in March.
  • For Class Nursery (Entry Level) Admission is based on First Come, First Serve basis. The Child should complete three years on the day of admission.
    Documents to be provided at the time of admission:
    1. Two Photographs
    2. Copy of Date of Birth Certificate
  • As per RTE rules 25 % of seats in Nursery (Entry Level) are reserved for students coming from Economically Weaker sections of the society. Please visit for more information.
  • For other Classes, the possibility of admission depends on the vacant seats emerging due to transfer of students. The list of the same is put on the school notice board by the second week of April. Interested Parents can check the notice board and contact the school office for further procedures.
    Documents to be Provided (If admission is granted)
    1. Origina Transfer Certificate of Previous School
    2. Copy of Assessment Report
    3. Two Photographs
  • Talented and deserving Students from economically weaker section of society can avail of the various fee waivers offered by the school. However the waivers depends solely on the discretion of the school management

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